Individual Counseling

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The Intuitive Wellness guiding principle of counseling is that every client deserves to be treated with the upmost respect and dignity and that every client is capable of learning tools and strategies to improve his/her overall quality of life. Clients are exposed to evidenced based treatment approaches to improve overall mental, emotional, and physical vitality.

Pre-Surgical Evaluations and Cognitive Screenings


Intuitive Wellness provides pre-surgical assessment evaluations to both clients and medical providers seeking guidance on the indications and contraindications associated with having a surgical procedure. Cognitive screenings are also provided for both clients and medical providers who may have some questions concerning a clients memory, attention, and concentration.  

Relaxation and Stress Management


Intuitive Wellness provides evidenced based strategies to assist with decreasing the physiological and mental components of the Stress Response and enhancing Physical and Mental Calmness for the purpose of achieving the Relaxation Response.